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Dear art lovers,

I am Barbara Frank, a passionate photographer with a soft spot for 3-dimensional images. My path began with a degree in architecture, which awakened my love of form, structure and aesthetics. 

My images blend reality and fantasy. I use light and shadow to emphasise the depth and dimension of spaces. Every motif tells a story - and I am the storyteller.

In addition to my passion for cityscapes, I am also fascinated by landscapes and snapshots.
Nature, urban life, fleeting moments - I capture all of this in my pictures.

Why 3D?
Because it shows the world from a new perspective. My pictures are not flat snapshots, but three-dimensional worlds. They invite the viewer to immerse themselves, to marvel and to dream.

My mission:
I want to transform photographs into unique works of art. Whether for your company, your home or your gallery - my pictures tell your story.

Barbara Frank

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